People – Employee qualifications

Need for highly-qualified and specialized employees

Source : DG Statistics (based on the labour force survey)
*Long term higher education: academic bachelors included

The chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry in Belgium is an innovative, high-tech sector which invests heavily in research and development. This requires a workforce with above average skills, making it crucial for the industry to report on its employees’ qualifications.

Nearly half (44%) of employees in the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry have a higher-level degree (university and high school) – considerably more than in the manufacturing sector as a whole in Belgium (31% in 2015).

Some 44% of employees have a higher secondary education degree with the specialist skills required for process and manufacturing activities, such as measuring technicians, process operators, electrical engineers, etc.

The ageing of the sector’s workforce coupled with its steady growth means there is a constant need for people with these profiles. That is why the sector has launched many initiatives to attract young people to specialise in chemical process techniques. As a result, the number of students enrolled in educational courses related to chemical process techniques has more than tripled since 2010.

Sector Initiatives

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