People – Community engagements

Long-lasting partnerships with local communities

Engagement in local communities is an important element of sustainable development. It is about building long-lasting partnerships with the local communities in which the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry operates. It is in everyone’s interest to work with them, invest in them and improve their quality of life. Engaging in local communities goes beyond philanthropic projects. It is considered a fundamental aspect of the industry’s license to operate and is vital to maintaining local communities’ trust.

Many of the companies in the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry organise regular meetings with their neighbourhoods to listen to their concerns, inform them in a pro-active way about the company’s activities, and set up local projects.

The industry also invests strongly in partnerships with the education sector (e.g. ACTA, Cefochim, VESTA, dual-learning programs, KUL Chair Process Safety, etc.) and public authorities. Several sector initiatives have been launched to inform professional users and consumers about the safe use of chemicals, and the industry also works closely with the FPS Home Affairs to contribute to emergency relief and disaster response.

Sector Initiatives

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