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Co-valent training reaches out to all

The chemistry, plastics and life sciences industry invests heavily in its employees’ education. Co-valent, the sector’s training fund, is a joint organization founded to support the development of employees’ skills. To do this, every company in the industry can register their employees for free training courses provided by Co-valent or receive financial support for other training costs incurred.

For the past two years, Co-valent has been measuring the diversity of the employees attending these free courses and those who received training for which financial support was provided.

Slightly more women than men register for free training provided by Co-valent relative to the proportion of women in the total workforce. This reflects the fact that, proportionately, many more white-collar employees take such courses than blue-collar workers. This also explains why more highly-educated people register for these courses.

The statistics also show that efforts are needed to attract more employees aged over 45 and non-Belgian employees to training.

Based on these diversity figures, Co-valent adapts its offer and communications, and launches initiatives to reinforce diversity in companies.


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