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Chemistry Kit: experiences in the classroom!


Whether in chemistry or in life sciences, conducting experiments is essential to challenge the image of science as disconnected from reality and to give young people a love of science.

To this end, the sector developed three different experimental chemistry kits in collaboration with educational experts. These kits allow teachers and pupils aged between 14 and 18 to carry out experiments in the classroom without the need for a lab. The experiments included in these kits are modeled on the official educational programme and are thus directly related to the way the subject is taught.

To be accessible to the greatest number of pupils, Sciences Adventure, which works to attract young people to study STEM subjects, finances 50% of the cost of buying them. Since they were launched in 2016, 600 kits have been sold.

This initiative has been praised by the education community as well as by Marie-Martine Schyns, Minister of Education of the Walloon Federation Brussels, who visited a school in November 2016 to find out more about this way of learning by experimenting and enjoying science

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