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Agfa has launched a ‘Work Ability House’ project, inspired by the model developed by Finnish professor Juhani Ilmarinen for ‘workable work’ – a highly relevant theme given the societal need for people to work for longer.

Work Ability is influenced by various factors which are visualized in a house with different levels that need to be in balance: health, competences, values and behaviour. Within Agfa, initiatives are being launched on all these levels.

The ground level – health (both physical and mental) – is a basic requirement for Work Ability. A think-tank has been set up consisting of employees of all levels and entities within the company and a number of projects have been launched in this area, such as:

  • Participating in ‘Tournée Minérale’, an initiative of the Foundation against Cancer and the on-line support line ‘ De Druglijn’, where Agfa had the second largest number of participants of all the organisations involved.
  • Lunch sessions on various health themes, such as cancer prevention, the relationship between health, wellbeing and happiness, etc.
  • A study on the impact of fruit-vending machines in the workplace.
  • A survey currently being carried out to ascertain the demand for a range of concierge services.

Promoting health and wellbeing with a limited budget is a challenging but fascinating experience. It injects new dynamics into a company, brings people together and motivates employees.


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