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B-FIT@BASF: healthy employees in a healthy company

Since 2010, the BASF Antwerp health promotion project B-Fit@BASF has been working to facilitate healthy behaviour and motivate employees to make healthy choices. The programme is based on three basic ingredients for health: healthy nutrition, balance, and movement/sports.

Behind the scenes, an enthusiastic, voluntary project group of 15 employees – representing different departments at BASF (medical, communications, HR, shift workers, facility management, etc.) – works all year round to encourage healthy behaviours and to organise health activities. Examples of such activities include sport sessions at lunchtimes, workshops, preventive health tests, and initiatives to facilitate and guarantee healthy foods in the restaurant.

B-Fit@BASF also focuses on specific target groups. ‘Time out for Health on the Road’ is a project specifically aimed at shift workers, with three workshops organised sequentially for every shift team in their control room (“sleeping & shiftwork”, “healthy nutrition & shiftwork” and “moving in shift”). The project lasted for one and a half years (2012-2014) and 132 teams took part.

Follow-up projects continued to focus on these three topics to ensure a sustained approach. A book ‘Aan tafel in de shift’ was produced to promote healthy food choices for shift workers. It contains an informative chapter about “healthy nutrition & shift work”, and a practical chapter with quick and healthy recipes delivered by the company’s own employees. Sleep coaching is also offered in BASF’s training module for shift workers, and dynamic working is being promoted.


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