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A fabulous lab to experience chemistry!

The “Lab’Expo Chemistry and Life Sciences” will open its doors to the public at the science museum PASS ( near Mons on November 28 2017.

This new exhibition will feature interactive demonstrations of how chemistry and pharmacy impact on our everyday lives. It will also host a real-size lab where youngsters aged eight and above can enjoy fun and educational experiences with their teachers or families. An interactive display will also allow visitors to discover which jobs and studies within the sector would suit them best.

This project is an example of the constructive partnership between chemistry and life sciences actors. It has been developed in close collaboration with essenscia wallonie and the sector’s trade unions, and with the financial support of Co-Valent, the sector’s fund for training. BASF, GSK, Solvay and Total have also supported this initiative and contributed to creating the content for the exhibition.

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