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essenscia and the sector

essenscia npo *, the Belgian association for the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry represents 750 companies which together account for more than 95% of the sector’s total turnover. These member companies cover a wide range of activities ranging from biopharmaceutical products, paints, varnishes, glues, cosmetics, detergents and plastics to products for agriculture and many others.

This sector is one of the most important branches of industry in Belgium, and a driving force of its economy.

Source: DG Statistics based on VAT returns

* Including industrial gases, dyes, fertilizers, basic organic and inorganic chemicals, polymers

** Including synthetic fibres, adhesives, essential oils, chemicals for the photographic industry
*** Based on core business

At the service of its members

The essenscia team:

– offers information, specialised training and customised advice to its member companies;

– defends the sector’s interests at the European, federal and regional level, through its active presence in Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council), ECEG (European Chemical Employers Group), FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium), VOKA (Flemish Network of Enterprises) and UWE (Walloon Union of Enterprises), and through participation in various councils and advisory bodies.

Sustainable development, central to essenscia’s mission

The world is facing important challenges in the use of energy, natural resources and the provision of food, water and health for its population. Chemistry and life sciences are essential to making global development sustainable. Our innovative research is crucial to develop new products, applications and services. Our industry is central to a successful future and to improving everyone’s quality of life.


*(Non-Profit Organisation)

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