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Leading the way in the shift towards a sustainable future and a circular economy

The innovative products of the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry play an essential role in the ongoing transition towards a better and more sustainable future for our children and for our planet. The chemical and

pharmaceutical industry is, and will be, the solution provider to reach most of the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and remains one of the driving forces behind the movement towards a circular economy.

With this Sustainability Report, essenscia highlights the historical progress this industry in Belgium has made within the three traditional pillars: People, Planet and Prosperity. In the chapter Products numerous examples show that our member companies are constantly developing innovative products that are not only safe to use, but also offer sustainable solutions for the major global challenges our society is facing.

This reports offers you an overview of the sector’s performance and ambitions in the most important areas of sustainable development which demonstrates the strong commitment of the sector to strive for maximum consumer safety and minimum environmental impact in order to improve everyone’s quality of life.

The journey towards sustainability is still long and challenging, but with the world-class expertise of its workforce and the scientific power of its industry, the Belgian chemistry and life sciences is undeniably leading the way by taking decisive steps forward.

Yves Verschueren
Managing Director essenscia

What’s new in the essenscia sustainable development
report 2017?

The report in a nutshell

The scope

This is the fifth biannual sustainable development report on the sector. It analyses the activities of the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry in Belgium and illustrates how companies within the sector fulfill essenscia’s mission every day.

This report is a 100% online document. The document can be downloaded to be read offline but we kindly request you to avoid printing it.

For a quick overview, you can also check the report summary.


The report was developed using a structured methodology, with a matrix of indicators selected through dialogue with essenscia experts, its members and stakeholders.

The content of the report was developed by essenscia experts, who consulted its working group on ‘sustainable development’ on a regular basis. The board of directors was involved throughout the process and approved the final report.

To ensure transparency and objectivity, the report is based on officially available data and shows the evolving landscape up to 2015. Where no data was available, information available from essenscia experts or members was used.


The report consists of four main sections. The indicators used for the sections on People, Planet and Prosperity demonstrate how the sector itself is operating in a sustainable way. The section on Products elaborates, on the one hand, the sector’s efforts to minimize risks and ensure the safe use of its products throughout the value chain; and on the other, how the sector drives innovation and develops sustainable solutions to the global societal challenges.

The report not only looks backwards by reporting on the data on the sector’s performance but it also looks forward. The ambition texts on people, energy and climate, environment, prosperity, products safety and products in society outline how the sector wants to evolve and how essenscia will support its members to realise these ambitions.

Throughout the report, a wide range of initiatives launched by essenscia and its member companies are included to illustrate the sector’s daily commitment to sustainable development. An additional searchable overview page summarizing these initiatives is also available.

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